German Wine Quick Facts – Part 1 (Extra) Videos about the Growing Regions in 13 Parts

I have just happened to be stumbled upon some nice videos about the 13 wine growing regions of Germany. The videos give nice overview of each region with some hints for travelers and tourists also. So enjoy!

Ahr, the land of red wines and the beautiful red wine route.

Pop open the Bocksbeutel in Franken.

The small but beautiful Hessische Bergstrasse.

The steep slopes in the Mittelrhein.

The famous Mosel-Saar-Ruwer.

The diverse climates and soils in the Nahe.

The largest wine cask in the world is in the Pfalz.

The birthplace of Spätlese (late-harvest), the Rheingau.

The famous red slope in the Rheinhessen.


Magnificent views along the Elbe in Sachsen.

Visit the wine-grower cooperatives in the Wurtemberg.

The warmest Baden, the land of Pinot grapes.

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